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Art made deliciously digestible

Hi there, and thanks for visiting “art4brunch”, a blog dedicated to sharing first-hand encounters with great art in museums, galleries and the outdoors.

My name is Leah, and I’m an art enthusiast and art educator. I truly love being around original works of art, and I am extremely fortunate to teach both in school contexts and in a culturally significant museum, making interactions with artworks a part of my regular routine, with the added enriching bonus of involving others, too.

Hello, this is me!
A long-term fan of Yayoi Kusama, I was very excited to visit the Matsumoto Museum of Art in 2008 (left) and then interact with an Infinity Room, “SPIRITS OF THE PUMPKINS DESCENDED INTO THE HEAVENS”, 2017 , at the National Gallery of Australia in March this year (right).

Exploring the endless and ever-evolving world of art enlivens and moves me so much that I recently decided I needed to share what I experience with others more readily. It’s as though interacting with great art fills me with such excitement and emotion that I can’t quite bottle it up! I hope that “art4brunch” might serve not only as channel into which I can pour my experiences with and interpretations of art, but also reach, inform and inspire others, as well as relieve my attentive and loving partner from the thumping “I NEED TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS AMAZING ART NOW!” tsunami that frequently bombards his downtime. (I don’t think he minds, though, really.)

When coming up for the name of this blog, I reflected on what might be my favourite meal; brunch. Sometimes, being in front of a work of art can feel like ingesting an eight-course meal with matching wines all at once; the indulgence leaves you feeling a bit too satisfied, amazed, giddy and probably in need of a stroll. Rather than assault readers with too much detail, information and interpretation jargon, I’d like to present them with a nice, rounded and visually delightful account of what I’ve experienced that might equate more to a pleasant brunch with friends on a Sunday than an extravagant, gluttonous eight-course dinner.

For even tinier entree-sized art bites, you can follow art4brunch on Instagram. This stream of photos will direct you to what’s happening here – which is nice, if you’re like me and appreciate gentle, visual reminders.

Thanks again for stopping by, and stay tuned for future deliciously digestible interpretations of my encounters with great art in galleries, museums and the outdoors. I really can’t wait to share them with you!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to art4brunch!

  1. Your heart will lead, your feet tread the way, your eyes embrace the art you see and now you share for all to enjoy!


    1. Thank you for your encouraging words! There’s a lot to see, I know I’ll only ever happen upon a fraction of it, but, this makes the sharing of great art experiences all the more important.


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